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Doc Mack, Galloping Ghost

Galloping Ghost Arcade
9415 Ogden Avenue
Brookfield, IL 60513
(708) 485-4700

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Asked about what he thinks of competition in the video game industry, Doc Mack says, “It's never a competition. It's video games. It should all be fun.” Doc Mack is the owner of Galloping Ghost, which currently holds the title of the largest arcade in the world, housing more than 435 games. Mack Continues to grow the arcade’s collection.

From a young age, Mack knew he belonged in the video game industry, and commenced Galloping Ghost initially with only a few of his personal games. He gradually, but continuously increased his collection. Now, he spends about two hours daily in search for new releases, high demand games, or just something new he thinks gamers would enjoy.

Galloping Ghost consists of two joined buildings, three big rooms, with plans to integrate a second floor addition. Galloping Ghost Productions (Doc Mack’s arcade crew) will release their first original arcade game early 2015. The arcade operates as a successful free-play, coinless business. People travel around the world to play in his arcade. Mack’s greatest interest is maintaining all games in his possession in working condition -- in part because he knows any game in his collection could be someone’s favorite. Doc Mack’s mission is to share his data with other arcades to help the industry continue expanding and flourishing.

Interview with Doc Mack conducted by Braden Sense, Analy Bahena and Le Jalen Huff on December 08, 2014. Photographs by Peter Marciano II and Olumide Oluduro. The full archive of the interview, including the complete audio file and additional photographs, is available through the IIT Institutional Repository. 

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